Successful Final Acceptance of SAR-Lupe System by Germany’s Armed Forces

The first German-made satellite-based radar reconnaissance system, SAR-Lupe, successfully passed final acceptance by the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB). The five satellites are now operational and are delivering high-resolution images. The German Armed Forces have been using the partially operational system since December 2007.

Dr. Ingo Engeln, SAR-Lupe Project manager at OHB-System AG, today said: “The successful final acceptance of the system concludes an important development program for our team. I'm very proud of this outcome, and I am delighted with the success of the system as a whole. It allowed us to demonstrate that we are a competent and reliable partner in the implementation of satellite systems.”

Jochen Potthaus, Deputy Project Manager for the SAR-Lupe project at the BWB, said: “We are extremely satisfied with the performance of this system, and we thank OHB’s SAR-Lupe team for their reliable, and technologically impressive work. SAR-Lupe makes a substantial contribution to the improvement in the reconnaissance capabilities of our Armed Forces, and hence to the security of the country.”

The SAR-Lupe system gives the military the ability to obtain high-quality radar images from space of virtually any part of the globe, regardless of weather conditions, day and night. The system consists of five identical satellites, a satellite ground segment and a user ground segment.

OHB-System AG, as the prime contractor for the BWB, developed the SAR-Lupe system at the head of a consortium of European subcontractors.

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