Successful Space Shuttle launch: European Module Node 2 with OHB contribution on its way to the International Space Station (ISS)

U.S. Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off on schedule at 17:38 hours CEST carrying the Node 2. Node 2, given the name Harmony, features internal subsystems such as cable harnesses and secondary structures supplied by the Bremen based space technology company OHB-System. The node is the module which links the ISS laboratories. The first one is called Unity and has been in operation as the second part of the ISS since December 1998. The nodes provide access to the connected laboratories and also provide living, stowage and storage space.

In addition to hatches to the European Columbus laboratory and the Japanese module, Harmony has a docking station for the Space Shuttle. The secondary structures have been developed by OHB and were built by manufacturers in and around Bremen. They support and contain the power and data distribution as well as the life maintenance systems (air conditioning and filter units and the fire suppression) for the enlarged volume of the ISS in its final configuration and for a crew of seven astronauts. The cable harness have been developed and built at OHB and consist of copper lines and also of glass fibre bundles for online video data transmission.

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