The school students and the shuttle

OHB initiating Ebos school project/space aquarium to be presented to Leeste High School on thursday

A special school project known as SnS–EBOS has been established at the initiative of OHB-System AG, Bremen. Students at the Ecumenical Grammar School in Bremen, the Leeste High School in Lower Saxony as well as two schools located in Florida, United States, will be performing a ground reference experiment as well as preparatory experiments at the same time as the flight of the large C.E.B.A.S. space aquarium on board US space shuttle Columbia in January 2003.

For this purpose, the German students have built a technical module with basic properties comparable with those of C.E.B.A.S. under the guidance of scientists and engineers at OHB-System AG. The purpose is to demonstrate to the students the way that an aeronautics company performs scientific work in connection with space research. In addition, SnS–EBOS aims to arouse young people’s interest in science and technical careers. Ancillary lectures on such topics as space travel, gravitation biology, people and space as well as the necessary background technological information will help the students to understand the nature of these activities.

The project is being funded solely by OHB, DLR (the German Space and Aeronautics Center), other mid-size companies in Bremen, the savings banks as well as the schools’ own funding associations. The school model will be officially presented to the students at the Leeste High School at 5:00 PM on November 14, 2002.

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