The speaking tube of GRACE

Telemetry system of OHB and STS will provide contact to GRACE satellites

The two GRACE Satellites are planned to be launched tomorrow at 10.23 CET. Their mission is to gain a new and more exact model of the earth's gravitation field. A complex telemetry system is necessary for reception of the satellite data.

This system for the twin satellites GRACE was developed by German space technology company OHB-System Inc., Bremen, as a subcontractor for ASTRIUM GmbH. The complete transmitting and receiving units for the satellites were developed and manufactured under the auspices of high-tech company OHB. With these units, the twins will receive their commands and transmit their valuable data to the ground station.

The function of the telemetry system has already been extensively tested on the ground. The test stand comes from OHB's affiliate STS-Systemtechnik Schwerin GmbH. The current tests are presently running at the launch site Plesetsk, Russia, where the GRACE satellites will be launched into space.

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