Top Technology from Bremen at Cape Canaveral

Spacehab and BOING are enthusiastic about the technology tested COM2PLEX

OHB-System AG together with the Russian company TAIS is developing two-phase loops to transport heat effectively in spacecraft. The prototype COM2PLEX was delivered at the end of January to Cape Canaveral. beolog, a service project for sensitive space experiments supported by the State of Bremen, Germany, was responsible for organization the transportation.

The hardware will be integrated into a NASA Shuttle by SPACEHAB Inc. After successful completion of qualification tests, the system integrator Boeing and Spacehab declared flight readiness at the beginning of this week.

Both companies praised OHB-System for the trouble-free and highly successful test campaign. In total more than 30 experiments will be flown on the STS-107 mission, which will be launched on July 11th, 2002 from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

What is the Combined 2 Phase Loop Experiment - COM2PLEX?

"Up to now the roof has always been too hot and the bottom too cold", describes the responsible OHB engineer Dr. Reinhard Schlitt one of the problems in spacecraft thermal control. The European Space Agency ESA and the German Aerospace Research Center (DLR) therefore funded the development of a control system, which will equalize temperature extremes in a spacecraft.

The technology is based on capillary forces, which can be used to sustain liquid flow in porous materials. This novel system therefore avoids the need for electrical pumps of the type used in conventional liquid cooling loops. After successful flight demonstration the cooling system will be marketed for application in commercial and scientific satellites.

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