Transport Rack for International Space Station completed

Principal ESA and Astronaut Thomas Reiter asses ETC Transport Rack for the Columbus Module of the ISS

Transport Rack
Transport Rack

The Bremen based aerospace company OHB-System AG has just completed a further key component for the International Space Station ISS. Commissioned by the European Space Agency ESA, OHB has developed and built the European Transport Carrier ETC.

ETC is a special stowage and transport rack in which the equipment and samples of sensitive scientific experiments for the European COLUMBUS module of the ISS can be securely stored.

The principal, ESA, confirmed the quality of the ETC in the course of its technical acceptance procedure at the end of last week. In parallel, ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter examined the ETC within the scope of the socalled Crew Familiarization program to establish its suitability for use in outer space and expressed great satisfaction with OHB’s product development.

In addition to the ETC flight model that has just been completed, a corresponding training model to be used to show astronauts how to use the rack before their space flight was already handed over to the European Astronauts’ Center of the ESA in Cologne early in May.

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