Transport rack for international space station delivered to Kennedy Space Center

Launch of European Columbus module expected by end-2007


Early this week, the Bremen-based space aviation company OHB-System AG dispatched a further key component for the international space station ISS to the Kennedy Space Center in the U.S. The European Transport Carrier (ETC), developed and built for the European Space Agency (ESA), is a special stowage and transport rack in which the equipment and samples of sensitive scientific experiments for the European COLUMBUS module of the ISS can be securely stored.

The ETC will be installed in the COLUMBUS space laboratory. More than half of the objects transported by means of the ETC were developed and built by OHB. This includes the flywheel, for instance, a piece of training equipment for astronauts, a high-speed camera for the physical research laboratory Fluid Science Lab FSL, and five medical devices for the European Physiology Modules (EPM) Laboratory, which was also created by OHB.

In June, the astronauts will be training how to handle the rack and unpack the devices at the Kennedy Space Center. According to the present plan-ning status of the U.S. Space Agency NASA, the European COLUMBUS module will be taken to the ISS by Atlantis Space Shuttle on December 6, 2007.

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