Two new technology projects for complex data transmission tasks

Ohb involved in the European Technology Acquisition Program ETAP/Multicarrier Project awarded

Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG will be building a transmission system for EADS Military Aircraft allowing complex data flows to be transmitted free of any errors from manned and unmanned aircraft to ground stations. OHB will be demonstrating the system, which entails a project volume of EUR 2.6 million, in in-flight experiments by July 2006.

OHB has been amassing skills in this area since 1997. On the strength of the impressive performance of the disruption-free radio transmission system for imaging data collected by high-resolution cameras, the German Federal Ministry of Defense commissioned OHB with the BüLAND (broadband transmission of aerial reconnaissance data) project in May 2001. This system is intended for missions in which the transmitter has direct contact with the receiving antenna.

A new contract has been entered into now with the German Federal Ministry of Defense for the development of a multicarrier process known as BüLAND-MTV. This involves splitting complex flows of data, which then reach the receiving station by means of reflection. OHB will be handling this project, which is worth a total of EUR 1.9 million, in conjunction with the Universities of Bremen and Karlsruhe for completion by the end of 2006.

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