Visit to OHB by German Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Philipp Rösler

Visit to OHB by Minister Rösler
The minister, Dr. Rösler, (middle) between Prof. Manfred Fuchs and Marco Fuchs

The new German Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Philipp Rösler (FDP) today visited OHB’s facilities in Bremen. As the minister of the federal cabinet responsible for space, he paid his first industry visit to a company active in this segment. During the roughly two hours which he spent on the Company’s premises, the minister held talks with the members of the Management Board and the management staff of all German OHB companies to discuss current projects, conditions in the sector and its importance as a technological force for all industry.

As a company largely owned by the Fuchs family, OHB AG with its subsidiaries OHB-System AG, Kayser-Threde GmbH and MT Aerospace AG plays a crucial role in the German space industry. Over a period of less than thirty years of strong growth, a small business has evolved into a group addressing all main aspects of space from satellites through to Ariane, the large European launch vehicle. Last year, OHB prevailed in the bidding process for the Galileo satellite contract as well as the German components of the next-generation European weather satellites MTG.

“OHB is a shining light in the German high-tech industry,” the minister said at the conclusion of his talks. “It has combined visions, leading-edge technology and the spirit of a mid-size company to create an extremely successful blend.”

Following the talks, Minister Rösler officially opened the integration hall which OHB-System AG had recently rebuilt for its current satellite programs. Known as the Columbus Hall, it has been converted into a large contiguous integration facility satisfying Class 100.000 clean-room requirements and with a total floor area of around 700 square meters. Additional office and laboratory space of around 800 square meters has also been built in an annex to the hall.

In his ensuing speech to the Company’s staff, Mr. Rösler said “OHB stands for a sense of tradition and innovation and proves that the virtues of a family-owned company go perfectly with the competitiveness of a global player.”

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