Visits by state secretaries Rogall-Grothe and Bomba to OHB System AG, Bremen

(from left to right) Peter Hartmann (OHB), Rainer Bomba, Sabine Dannelke, (both BMVBS), Cornelia Rogall-Grothe (BMI) and Prof. Manfred Fuchs (OHB)

Cornelia Rogall-Grothe, state secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and the German Federal Government’s information technology attaché, and Rainer Bomba, state secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Transport, Construction and Urban Development, visited OHB System AG in Bremen today. During their roughly two-hour visit, they primarily talked to representatives of management on the current status of completion of the Galileo FOC satellites and the potential offered by the Galileo program for public-sector users. In addition, the guests from Berlin exclusively inspected the integration halls at the company’s Bremen facility.

During the ensuing press conference, the two state secretaries said that they were impressed by OHB System’s technological skills and its commitment to executing the Galileo European beacon project on schedule and in accordance with high quality standards. The company confirmed that the satellites would be completed and delivered in time to ensure compliance with the schedule, which provides for the preliminary Galileo services to become available in 2014/2015.

“I am proud that the German space industry is making a crucial contribution to Galileo. We have just been able to see for ourselves that series production of the 22 satellites is in full swing at OHB,” said Bomba. “The first of the two satellites built by OHB is to be placed in orbit in autumn 2013. I am optimistic that Galileo is well on the way to achieving its schedule!”

Added Rogall-Grothe: The public regulated service, which is shielded from manipulation and is encrypted, is of particular interest to public-sector users. We want to initially test it in various scenarios in order to gage the potential offered by this service.”

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