At 6:00 CET this evening, a Russian Dnepr rocket blasted off from Kazakhstan, successfully putting its six multinational payloads into orbit. Included on board was the RUBIN-2, a mini-satellite which the Bremen-based space company OHB-SYSTEM AG developed in conjunction with students at the Bremen College of Technology.

In the past month, OHB-System AG has landed three orders in connection with the International Space Station ISS. With the Inflatable Re-Entry Technology IRT, OHB as the main contractor will be working with EADS, Astrium, DLR as well as Irish company ESIL to develop an inflatable heat-resistant shield allowing space vehicles to reenter the earth’s atmosphere safely and at less expense.

When the ATV of the European Space Agency approaches the International Space Station ISS, its route will be paved with micro-meteorites and small particles of debris which will impact its exterior at a speed of 10-72 km/s. In order to minimize damage to the transfer vehicle and to safeguard the success of the mission, the ATV will be fitted with a protective shield which was developed by Bremen-based space company OHB-System AG.

Dr. Fritz Merkle, program director for SAR-Lupe at the Bremen-based space company OHB-System AG, observed the first hardware test for the radar satellites with great anticipation in Ulm yesterday. At Thales Electron Devices GmbH, the capabilities of the traveling wave tube were successfully demonstrated for Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG.

The Bremen-based space company OHB-System AG shipped the finished signal, energy and video cables for the physical research laboratory FSL (Fluid Science Lab) to Alenia Spazio in Turin. The Italian company is building this laboratory on behalf of the European Space Agency for the COLUMBUS module of the International Space Station, the entire cabling for which OHB-System has also supplied.

A special school project known as SnS–EBOS has been established at the initiative of OHB-System AG, Bremen. Students at the Ecumenical Grammar School in Bremen, the Leeste High School in Lower Saxony as well as two schools located in Florida, United States, will be performing a ground reference experiment as well as preparatory experiments at the same time as the flight of the large C.E.B.A.S. space aquarium on board US space shuttle Columbia in January 2003.

The Bremen-based aeronautics company OHB-System AG has received an order from the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement to conduct a study on the "Europeanization of the user ground segment of SAR-Lupe".

The Bremen-based space company OHB-System AG has delivered the two centrifuges for the biological research laboratory EMCS to the Astrium GmbH, Friedrichshafen, which builds the experimental facility for the European Space Agency ESA.

In the course of their own strategic Europeanisation and within the scope of the privatization of French state companies the OHB Group has acquired 34% of the French electronic specialist ELTA S.A., Toulouse. ELTA gained experience in the development and manufacturing of highly secure electronic systems for the aerospace industry since 1975.

Pursuant to a contract with OHB-System, Bremen, Saab Ericsson Space, Göteborg, is responsible for the development and manufacture of the satellites’ complete SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) antennas, consisting of a reflector and a deployable boom with feed horns for each of the five satellites.

Pascal Sourisse, Chairman und CEO of Alcatel Space, and Prof. Manfred Fuchs, Chief Executive Officer of OHB-SYSTEM AG, will be signing a contract concerning the radar electronics units for the satellite-based reconnaissance system SAR-Lupe on Friday. With this contract Alcatel Space will be receiving an order from OHB-SYSTEM with a volume of around EUR 50 mn for developing, manufacturing and delivering the SAR-Electronics Units (SEU) for all of the five satellites of the system.

The two leading European companies OHB and TCF have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding at ILA 2002 to combine their skills in the area of STANAG 7085 High Rate (beyond 100 Mb/s) for Long Range Datalinks (beyond 200 km) for Air Reconnaissance Applications to allow Europe to fulfil its aerial reconnaissance needs.

Yesterday 35 small containers with a total of 2.3 tons of scientific and technical equipment left the premises of OHB-System AG, Bremen, for the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The two GRACE Satellites are planned to be launched tomorrow at 10.23 CET. Their mission is to gain a new and more exact model of the earth's gravitation field. A complex telemetry system is necessary for reception of the satellite data.

OHB-System AG together with the Russian company TAIS is developing two-phase loops to transport heat effectively in spacecraft. The prototype COM2PLEX was delivered at the end of January to Cape Canaveral. beolog, a service project for sensitive space experiments supported by the State of Bremen, Germany, was responsible for organization the transportation.

The successful launch of the ENVISAT environmental satellite in the early hours of March 1 was of particular interest to OHB's Chief Executive Officer Prof. Manfred Fuchs. "A smooth launch was of immense significance for European aerospace. We all kept our fingers crossed", said the businessman from Bremen.