Bremen/Kourou December 1st, 2016. Telecommunications satellite H36W-1 of Bremen satellite manufacturer OHB has arrived at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The overall design of the satellite belonging to the SmallGEO series*) was verified during an extensive test campaign.   

Kourou, November 17th 2016. Another four Galileo FOC* satellites developed and built by OHB System AG have been successfully launched on board  an Ariane 5 ES launcher, which lifted off from the Kourou space center in French-Guiana today at 14:06 CET.

OHB System AG was contracted to play a substantial role in the European Earth Explorer mission FLEX which is scheduled for launch in 2022. For the prime contractor Leonardo-Finmeccanica, OHB will design and develop important parts for the FLEX instrument.

OHB System AG, subsidiary of listed technology and space group OHB SE (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124), has successfully competed in the competition for the consolidation phase of ESA’s Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM).

The ExoMars-Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) with a core module (MTP) designed and built by OHB, has successfully performed the long 139-minute burn required to be captured by Mars and entered an elliptical orbit around the Red Planet, while contact has not yet been confirmed with the mission’s test lander from the surface.

The Dream Chaser® for European Utilization (DC4EU) program kicked off its pilot phase with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), Telespazio, the European Space Agency (ESA) and OHB System AG (OHB) will now assess the feasibility and commercial viability of the DC4EU dedicated mission to provide affordable, independent European access to low-Earth Orbit (LEO) via the Dream Chaser space utility vehicle (SUV).

OHB System AG, a subsidiary of listed technology group OHB SE (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124), has been awarded a contract by DLR Space Administration to oversee numerous new communications technologies. These technologies, designed by different industry companies and institutes, will be integrated in the Heinrich Hertz satellite so that they can be tested in space. The contract for satellite-side technology management is worth a total of around EUR 10 million.

On June 22, 2016, OHB System AG and Fraunhofer Space Alliance signed a memorandum of understanding for a long-term research and development partnership. The memorandum was signed during a technology day in which Fraunhofer presented its capabilities at OHB System AG’s new site in Oberpfaffenhofen.

Bremen, May 31, 2016. The space and technology group OHB SE (Prime Standard, ISIN DE0005936124) presents itself with almost 300 m2 of floor space at its stand at the ILA Berlin Air Show. The OHB SE group of compa-nies presents its expertise in the two business units, Space Systems and Aerospace & Industrial Products.

Known as Danielè and Alizée, another two Galileo FOC* satellites developed and built by OHB System AG have been successfully launched on board a Soyuz launcher, which lifted off from the Kourou space center in French-Guiana today at 10:48 CEST.

The new OHB Space Center in Oberpfaffenhofen is one of the most modern centers for optical systems and science missions in the space industry. In an official inauguration ceremony held on April 18, 2016, the new OHB “Optics and Science” Space Center was officially opened in the presence of Horst Seehofer, Prime Minister of the Free State of Bavaria, Martin Günthner, Bremen’s Senator for Economic Affairs, Labor and Ports, Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund, Chief Executive Officer of the German Aerospace Center, and Alain Ratier, Director General of EUMETSAT.

The next two Galileo FOC* satellites (Danielè and Alizée) designed and built by OHB System AG for the European Navigation System, have arrived safe and sound at the launch site in Kourou (French Guiana). The Launch of the next two satellites is scheduled for May 24, 2016. OHB System is industrial prime for the European Space Agency ESA for 22 Galileo-FOC satellites.

The first of two joint ESA–Roscosmos missions to Mars has begun a seven-month journey to the Red Planet, where it will address unsolved mysteries of the planet’s atmosphere that could indicate present-day geological – or even biological – activity.

The ExoMars 2016-Mission, including the Trace Gas Orbiter and Schiaparelli, was launched this morning at 09:31 GMT (10:31 CET) aboard a Russian Proton rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The confirmation of the spacecraft separation, solar array deployment and first acquisition of signal is scheduled today for 21:10 GMT (22:10 CET).

SES S.A. (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) and OHB System AG (subsidiary of OHB SE, Prime Standard, ISIN DE0005936124) announced today the signature of contracts for the next phase of the development of a new-generation satellite programme which was launched in 2013.

The Italian ambassador to Germany, Mr. Pietro Benassi, yesterday traveled to the honorary consulate in Bremen as well as the space technology company OHB, which is managed by honorary consul Marco Fuchs, as part of his inaugural visit.

The deputy prime minister and economics minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Etienne Schneider, commenced his two-day stay in Bremen with a visit to space technology company OHB.

An unmanned rocket from the TEXUS series accomplished a sci-entific research flight last Saturday. It was launched at 9:30 a.m. CET from the European launch site ESRANGE in Kiruna in northern Sweden. During parabolic flight micro-gravitational conditions prevailed on board for approximately 6 minutes.