With the SAR-Lupe system, OHB delivered in 2007 the first satellite-based radar reconnaissance system for the German armed forces.

Since then, it has been performing in space reliably and around the clock. SAR-Lupe enables the German Government to react early and independently in crisis situations and contributes constructively to the operational capability of the armed forces.

The concept of smaller, modular satellites has proved its worth and has been applied by OHB's experts in the same way to other areas such as telecommunications and navigation.

The extension of the SAR-Lupe operations to the commissioning of the successor system SARah prevents a capability gap. OHB System AG has been working on the development and implementation of the SAR-Lupe successor system, SARah, since mid-2013. This order includes two reflector satellites and ground system elements as well as two ground stations. Airbus Defence and Space is supplying a subcontracted phased array satellite. The customer is the Federal Ministry of Defence through BAAINBw (Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr).