Security and reconnaissance

OHB System can look back on almost three decades of high-tech development. The Company is already putting this experience to good use with great success in the security and reconnaissance segments.

The first satellite-based radar reconnaissance system in Germany, SAR-Lupe was developed and built by OHB System as the principal contractor. Five identical small satellites are being used by the German Armed Forces to monitor the entire earth at all times of the day and night. At the same time, SAR-Lupe complements the French optical system Helios II as both countries have agreed to share the reconnaissance data collected by the two systems. Within the European MUSIS initiative, SAR-Lupe constitutes a crucial component in the shared use of satellite-based reconnaissance systems in Europe.

Using as a basis the experience gained from the development of the SAR-Lupe, OHB System is offering systems for commercial and institutional high-resolution earth observation systems in the visible, infrared and radar ranges. In addition to catastrophe management, these systems are also required for security purposes as well as for humanitarian aid.

ARDS, the Aerial Reconnaissance Data System for the radio transmission of aerial reconnaissance images is a key data-reduction technology being developed by OHB System to ensure almost perfect and secure transmission of high-resolution reconnaissance images via radio.

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SARah - The follow-up program for Germany‘s satellite-based radar reconnaissance