OHB-System's current programs

Space needs visions. Each idea has its own particular time and requires a certain period in which to reach fruition. And each idea is preceded by a vision. In the absence of imagination, courage and a willingness to take risks, progress falters. Having visions means thinking in terms of the future.

And this is precisely what we have been doing at OHB. The idea is to make space technology simpler and less expensive. Initially, our proposal to build a small satellite met with considerable doubt.  Today, however, we are using this technology to close a market gap. What we did was to build a radar satellite system with the greatest possible resolution within the planned scheduled and budget. Technologically, this radar system figures amongst the world's best. Today, we are a crucial supplier of components for the European Columbus module of the International Space Station ISS and the Automotive Transfer Vehicle ATV.

Looking forward, we will be demonstrating that small yet powerful satellites can supply superb data quality from a geostationary orbit. We are building efficient satellites for the European navigation system. To this end, we are working on models and technologies for even more effective exploration of the earth and its properties and for monitoring the weather and the extent of natural catastrophes.

We also have a vision of flying to the moon, which we see as a stepping stone for manned flights to Mars. We are entering new dimensions and, to this very day, use our imagination to generate the technology for advancing space travel and humanity as a whole.

We want to seize the opportunities which space travel offers us for observing the earth in security-relevant scenarios. Satellite-based reconnaissance provides political and business decision-makers with crucial information on crisis and war regions without compromising sovereign rights or potentially escalating given situations. The early detection of potential risks from space makes it possible to forge appropriate diplomatic solutions to solve festering conflicts in good time. OHB's reconnaissance and security programs are supplemented by aerial reconnaissance and broadband data transmission technology.

We owe our leading position in the global market less to vision than to decades of hard work. With its extensive high-tech experience, OHB is a sought-after partner for leading enterprises in the national and European space technology industry, the European Space Agency ESA, the German Aerospace Center DLR as well as for public and private-enterprise customers.