• 50. TEXUS mission in altitude research programme of DLR and ESA under strong involvement of Kayser-Threde.
  • OHB System AG awarded contract for the development and integration of the SARah radar satellite reconnaissance system for the German federal armed forces.


  • OHB System gets the order to build eight further Galileo satellites.
  • Launch of the technology experiment carrier TET-1, Kayser-Threde is main contractor and system prime.


  • Assembly on Mount Wendelstein near Munich of the 20-ton, 2-meter class telescope developed by Kayser-Threde.


  • OHB System awarded contract for the construction of the first 14 FOC satellites for the European Galileo satellite navigation system.
  • Thales Alenia Space / OHB System selected by EUMETSAT and ESA to develop and build the third-generation MTG weather satellites.


  • Contract signed by OHB-System and HISPASAT S.A. for the development and construction of the satellite for the first SGEO mission "Hispasat AG1"


  • Kayser-Threde awarded the contract for the development phase of the national EnMAP environment satellite.
  • Columbus module successfully integrated in ISS
  • European space transporter ATV successfully docked to International Space Station ISS
  • Successful launch of the six ORBCOMM satellites (one ORBCOMM CDS, five ORBCOMM quick launches)
  • Successful launch of the fifth and final SAR-Lupe satellite
  • Successful testing and official transfer of the SAR-Lupe system to the German Federal Armed Forces


  • OHB-System awarded Small Geo satellite contract by ESA
  • Erwin Kayser-Threde GmbH, Munich, became an affiliate of OHB System AG, Bremen.


  • OHB-System awarded contract for the delivery and launch of six ORBCOMM satellites
  • Successful launch of the first radar satellite for the SAR-Lupe system
  • OHB awarded contract for implementing the E-SGA and FSLGS ground segments.


  • OHB involved in the development of protective shields and cable harnesses for the ATV fleet for the ISS.


  • OHB-System and OHB Teledata merged under the roof of OHB Technology AG


  • Syndicate lead-managed by OHB System awarded a contract for the development, construction, launch and operation of the radar-based reconnaissance system SAR-Lupe for the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • PKE-Nefedoc plasma crystal experiment the first scientific experiment on board the Russian segment of the ISS.


  • Launch of the XMM-Newton x-ray telescope fitted with mirror modules supplied by Kayser-Threde.


  • Development work on the air-borne SOFIA IR observatory commenced in Munich by Kayser-Threde and syndicate partner and affiliate MT Aerospace. In operation since mid-2010.
  • Instrumented MAQSAT dummy satellite supplied by Kayser-Threde for the Ariane 5 qualification flight.

From 1996:

  • Development of infrastructure elements and payloads for the International Space Station ISS in Bremen and Munich.


  • ORFEUS, the first telescope developed under the lead management of Kayser-Threde, launched into space (repeat flight in 1996).


  • Industrial system management for German MIR missions assigned to OHB System in Bremen and Kayser-Threde GmbH in Munich. Further research equipment such as eye measuring systems developed.


  • Contributions made to German D-1 and D-2 shuttle missions by Kayser-Threde and OHB System. Various further experiment equipment developed by Kayser-Threde for shuttle missions.


  • Space activities commenced in Bremen.


  • Payloads for shuttle and Spacelab missions engineered by Kayser-Threde.


  • Otto Hydraulik Bremen GmbH (OHB) acquired by the Fuchs family.