Technology Demonstrators

The external and internal environments of the ISS provide an ideal test bed for the validation of space-based technology developments for the ISS and future space platforms. The ISS enables disruptive technological innovations in computing, electronics, robotics, hardware prototyping and advanced manufacturing. OHB System is involved in several space technology demonstrator projects.


Trace Gas Analysis and monitoring of the air quality inside the ISS.
(Customer: ESA, prime contractor: OHB)

Space Quest

Observing a relativistic quantum effect and Quantum Key Distribution.
(Customer: ESA, prime contractor: OHB)

3D Printing in Space

  • MELT - 3D printer designed for use in weightlessness.
    (Customer: ESA, prime contractor: Sonaca Space)
  • IMPERIAL - 3D printer prototype for the ISS suitable to print large parts.
    (Customer: ESA, prime contractor: OHB)
  • Gravity independent countermeasure exercise system for Astronauts.
    (Customer: ESA, prime contractor: OHB)

Robotics experiment in free space with a robotic arm as a prototype for future satellite maintenance missions.
(Customer: DLR, prime contractor: OHB)