Software development

OHB-System develops software components for a wide variety of different arrays and experimental systems for aeronautic and space applications. These include the flight, testing and verification software for the European Physiological Experiment (EPM), the video management unit of the Fluid Science Laboratory (FSL) and components of the BIOLAB developed for operation on board the International Space Station. 

Development skills for satellite application software include sophisticated flight software comprising the main components for payload control, communications, attitude control and energy supplies as well as software for testing and verification facilities. This also includes powerful satellite simulators which are used both during the development phase and to prepare operations, e.g. for training the operating personnel. OHB-System also develops complex software systems for ground operations. Examples include the fully automatic system for managing an array of several satellites for the German Federal Armed Forces' SAR-Lupe reconnaissance system.

At the moment, the Company is working on the flight software and the necessary software components for testing and verification systems for the Small GEO and EnMAP satellite projects. Studies are also being conducted to explore new applications for this software, e.g. for the planned landing of a space probe on the surface of the moon. Here, the flight software will autonomously control the descent to the most suitable landing site. Among other things, this calls for powerful image recognition software so that potential obstacles such as craters or rubble can be avoided.

Main areas of activity:

  • Flight software for satellites
  • Ground control software for satellite operations
  • Testing and verification software for satellites
  • Software for various subsystems and experiments
  • Software for aerial reconnaissance systems