Human Spaceflight

The TEXUS („Technologische Experimente unter Schwerelosigkeit“) sounding rocket project was initiated in 1976. Customers for the project are the European Space Agency (ESA) and German Space Administration (DLR). OHB as a subcontractor to Airbus Defence and Space in Bremen, is responsible for the service systems on the payload and it’s integration. Therefore OHB works in cooperation with the mobile rocket base MORABA of DLR. The Brazilian 2-stage VSB-30 motor of the Technical Aerospace Centre (CTA/IAE) is used as the rocket’s motor. With a length of 12.5 meters the rocket provides apogees of 250km for up to 6 minutes weightlessness for a payload mass of 400kg. More than 50 missions with numerous experiments have significantly contributed to scientific research.

In the 1990s MAXUS was put in place as an ESA research project, to which DLR makes considerable contributions, providing up to 12 minutes of time with microgravity conditions with apogees of 750km. The OHB System AG has been involved since start of the program and is responsible for the service systems provision (service module and recovery system), the integration of the payloads and the environmental testing, as well.