Subcontractor Management

As a systems provider and prime contractor in numerous large space projects, OHB System works with a large number of subcontractors, who develop or deliver hardware, software and services. The performance of the subcontractors of OHB System is essential for the success of OHB’s projects. Therefore OHB is continuously looking for the best subcontractors in terms of quality, delivery time and cost, with the goal of establishing stable partnerships and to create synergies over multiple projects.

The Department Subcontractor Management is currently responsible for the management of subcontracts with more than 120 space companies world-wide.

Current and planned OHB System invitations to tender for ESA projects (EMITS) can be found here.

Points of contact

Subcontractor management is divided into six domains. The leaders of these domains monitor and coordinate the subcontracts within their domain and are available as points of contact for companies, who would like to become subcontractors for OHB System.

Head of the department

Maik Plenter

Domain AOCS / Propulsion

AOCS / Propulsion

Reaction Wheels, Star Trackers, Sun Sensors, Earth Sensors, Gyros, Control Moment Gyros, Magnetometer, Magneto-Torquers, Software for AOCS, OCS including Propellant Tanks, Thrusters (chemical and electrical), Fuel Lines and Valves, Electric Propulsion and related Drive Electronics.

Domain Electronics


Data Handling Systems (SMU, (micro) RTU), Instrument Control Units, Batteries, Power Control and Distribution Unit, Mass Memories, Solar Arrays incl. HDRM, Solar Array Drive Mechanisms, Solar Array Drive Electronics, Harness (Bus as well as Payload), EGSE, Fuse Boxes.

Domain Mechanical / Thermal

Mechanical / Thermal

Structures, Panels, Baffles, Central Tubes, Mechanical Brackets, Optical Bench Assemblies, Specialized Structures, Mechanisms (Scanner, Hold-down Mechanisms, Antenna Deployment Mechanisms, Actuators incl. stand-alone elements), Thermal Control Items (Radiators, Heaters & Thermistors, Heat Pipes, MLI, OSR), MGSE.

Domain Optics


Mirrors & Mirror Assemblies, Prisms, Filters, Mirror Fixation Structures, Detectors/Sensors, Focal Plane Assemblies, Telescope Assemblies, Beam Splitters, Optical Subassemblies, Interferometer Assemblies, In-Flight Calibration Sources, Lenses/Lens Assemblies, Front-End Electronics, OGSE.

Domain RF / Telecommunications

RF / Telecommunications

TT&C equipment in S-Band and X-Band, SSPA, TWTA, IMUX, OMUX, Input Filters, Low Noise Amplifiers, Receivers, Down-Converters, Up-Converters, Navigation Payloads, Radar Payloads, Laser Communication, Crypto Units.

Domain Special Procurements

Special Procurements

Launchers, On-board Software, On-ground Software, ISVV, Ground Station Services, Operations, Test Facilities, Scientific Experiments, Feasibility Studies.