Small Satellite Platform TET-X / TET-XL

TET-1: EMC Test
TET-1: EMC Test

The TET-1 Mission

The small satellite TET-1 is the first German Technology Experiment Carrier and ‎represents the core element of DLR’s On-Orbit Verification Program. TET-1 was ‎successfully launched 22 July 2012 from Baikonur with a Soyuz-Fregat that injected ‎the satellite into its destined Low Earth Orbit at about 510 km. TET-1 is now ‎successfully operated in orbit for more than two years. After successfully completing ‎the On-Orbit Verification (OOV) mission in October 2013 the spacecraft was handed ‎over to DLR’s FireBird mission. Since then it is used mainly for forest fire detection ‎and monitoring.‎

The TET-X / TET-XL Small Satellite Family

Expanding on the TET-1 heritage there are now two small satellite product lines: ‎TET-X and TET-XL, which together encompass spacecraft possibilities ranging from ‎‎100 kg up to 250 kg. With its flight proven heritage and its modular design, the TET ‎satellite is perfectly suited to be easily adapted to a variety of different mission ‎needs. Such missions include not only the continuation of the OOV applications, ‎but also dedicated missions such as classical Earth observation missions, but also ‎commercial missions.‎

Just like in TET-1, the TET Small Satellite Family is built by OHB System AG in its ‎Munich site together with the trusted partner Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof ‎GmbH (AFW). OHB System as mission and space segment prime is responsible for ‎spacecraft level engineering including payload accommodation design, payload ‎supporting structure, the flexible, modular Payload Supply System (PSS), spacecraft ‎thermal and structural engineering as well as spacecraft integration and test. As ‎mission prime OHB System also is responsible for mission design. AFW on the other ‎hand is responsible for the satellite bus, providing the assembled bus sub-systems ‎which incorporate the TET-1 design heritage to the maximum extent. AFW with their ‎extensive bus expertise also provide mission specific Attitude Control and Power ‎analyses.

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