OHB System AG expertise covers technological areas which are required for executing satellite missions. It also engages in new technologies and innovative applications of relevance for future missions.

Examples of technology areas worked on in OHB System AG
  • Additive manufacturing more commonly known as 3D printing, enabling OHB to radically cut cost and lead time
  • Optical instrument technologies for exploring the universe and earth, enabling the design and build of cutting edge optical instruments
  • Improvement and standardization of software development processes, enabling a radical reduce the redesign cost for future missions
  • Improvements to our Avionics Systems by implementing increase autonomy and a smart distributed Avionics architecture
  • Modelling, testing and mitigation of Micro-vibrations, enabling the high precision optical missions OHB is working on
  • Robotic technologies as a key element of unmanned missions across the solar system, on-orbit servicing and the disposal of decommissioned satellites
  • Partake in development of European Ground Systems Common Core (EGS-CC) to develop a common infrastructure to support space systems monitoring and control in pre- and post-launch phases of all mission types
  • Optimize AIT processes using an island integration concept and supporting tool
  • Cleaning up the earth orbits and minimizing casualty risk upon re-entry by performing a leading role in ESA Clean Space initiative
  • Life science and human spaceflight technologies
  • Frequency comb building and testing for various scientific missions and future optical clocks
  • New design process of missions and hardware using an in-house Concurrent Engineering Facility (CEF) and Makerspace
  • Quantum Key Distribution network satellite to ensure and guarantee future secure communication
  • Supporting the development of new Electric Propulsion Thrusters and model their impact on the satellite during operations
  • New developments in communication technologies, whether in RF or Optical, OHB System is involved in a wide range of developments to improve communication speed and reliability
  • Transfer of space technology for use in established products and services in industry.

We are always looking for opportunities to work together with industrial and academic partners for the development of new technologies. In case of interest in a cooperation feel free to contact us (