OMCoSS - OHB Multimission Communication & Surveillance System

The modular system for real-time surveillance and reconnaissance OMCoSS, consisting of the flight platform CONDOR, state of the art sensors and the data link system ARDS is being deployed for surveillance and reconnaissance as well as for research purposes.

CONDOR is an operational flight platform which facilitates real-time wide-range reconnaissance tasks at altitudes of up to 9 km on missions lasting 10 hours.

Two versions of the CONDOR platform exist. The base version CONDOR I is a Stemme S10-VT. It is enhanced for silent surveillance of wide areas. CONDOR II is an enhanced version of the Stemme S15, which has been developed by OHB System in cooperation withStemme.

State of the art sensor technology such as high definition video, high resolution still imagers, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and hyperspectral cameras are integrated in wingpods and enable a flexible utilization concerning user requirements.

The data link system ARDS with its efficient data management prepares sensor data for being transmitted by its data link with data rates of 83 Mbit/s (COFDM) or 247 Mbits/s (single carrier) to the ground station over distances of up to 250 km.

For aerial reconnaissance over land and sea as well as surveillance of infrastructure and areas relevant to security OMCoSS offers a cost effective and scalable solution.


Equipped with video-sensors and real time data transmission OMCoSS has participated successfully at the NATO harbor protection trials. CONDOR I is now continuously in use for maritime research and surveillance. Within the NATO-trial CWIX, CONDOR II delivered successfully high resolution digital aerial images.

Further on OMCoSS with the flight platforms CONDOR I and CONDOR II is in use for testing datalink and the newest surveillance and reconnaissance sensor technologies.

The realization and testing of concepts which consider the interoperable integration of surveillance and reconnaissance systems into a joint command and control environment is also performed with OMCoSS. This affords that data will be delivered according to the users needs.

Details at a glance


CONDOR I (based on Stemme S10-VTX)

  • Payloads in 2 wingpods up to 120 kg
  • Range approx. 1000 km


  • Payloads in 2 wingpods up to 200 kg
  • Range approx. 1800 km


  • VIS/IR-HD-Video Sensor Turret
  • VIS-EO High Resolution Still Imager
  • Hyperspectral Camera
  • SAR

ARDS Data Management

  • Onboard-data compression and -storage

ARDS Data Link

  • Net Data Rate COFDM : 83 MBit/s
  • Net Data Rate Single Carrier : 247 MBit/s
  • Range up to 250 km

ARDS Ground Control Station

  • Mobile ground control station for mission planning and -control, sensor data exploitation, with interfaces to command and control environment


Federal Office for Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB), Fraunhofer, DLR and STEMME