E-SGA = German acronym for "Europeanization of satellite-aided reconnaissance"
FSLGS = French SAR-Lupe Ground Segment
CPHD = Centre Principale HELIOS Germany

France and Germany have decided to integrate their satellite reconnaissance systems HELIOS II and SAR-Lupe. In this way, Germany is to be able to additionally use the HELIOS II system. At the same time, the German SAR-Lupe ground segment is to be extended in such a way that it can be utilized by France and future additional partners.

As the principal contractor, OHB is responsible for implementing the "Europeanization of satellite-aided reconnaissance" (E-SGA) program. The main tasks here are

  • to modify the national SAR-Lupe ground segment so that it can function as a multinational ground segment which can be addressed by partner nations requesting or providing image data
  • to develop, supply and operate a partner ground segment for France (FSLGS)
  • to connect the German HELIOS II ground segment (CPHD) to the multinational SAR-Lupe ground segment

In addition, OHB will be operating the CPHD.

The program is currently in the realization phase, with military operational use to commence in mid 2010. The integrated system will then continue for the rest of the life expectancy of the constituent satellite arrays. In this way, France and Germany will be able to freely use each other's system. In addition, it is possible to conduct joint projects.

E-SGA extends the German Federal Armed Forces' satellite-based reconnaissance capabilities through the addition of an optical component. At the same time, partner nations are able to access the German SAR-Lupe radar reconnaissance system.