High-availability mobile-communication connectivity between control stations and mobile/stationary devices and vehicles

In railway and public short-distance passenger transportation there is a growing need for operating data to be shared between control centers and field devices via IP-based networks. A broad range of applications needs to be able to access high-availability communications channels for transmitting data. In this context , there is great diversity in the applications and their requirements with respect to the communications characteristics of the transmission routes. Applications range from operations management to energy automation (process data) as well as video data (security) and on-board information/entertainment for passengers. The devices communicating with the control centers may be mobile (vehicles) or stationary (electric facilities and process control field devices). In the interests of greater economic efficiency, railway operations are increasingly using IP-based communications. Given the enormous advantages that wireless communications solutions have in terms of swift availability and flexibility, customers are increasingly calling for solutions which incorporate the latest public mobile communication systems such as 3G and LTE.

To address these requirements, OHB System AG (formerly Kayser-Threde GmbH) offers sophisticated and integrated solutions with the following characteristics:

  • Wireless link between control centers and field systems
  • Integrated solutions comprising a mobile communications router, SIM card management, application monitoring, VPN router and security gateways
  • Customized communications solutions addressing the specific requirements of the application in question

OHB’s Process Control Systems unit awarded second place in top supplier status by Deutsche Bahn in the infrastructure category

With its automation and process control systems business, the aerospace group has been a reliable partner for Deutsche Bahn for around 45 year