IT-security solutions for process control systems

The end-to-end networking of field control devices among each other and with the control center using uniform protocols and data models yields major advantages in planning, installation, operations and maintenance.

Yet, it also entails previously unknown risks. Without special protection, the devices connected to the network are exposed to the risk of manipulation and damage by malicious intruders or unintentional errors caused by incorrectly configured network services.

This necessitates a whole range of technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized penetration of the network and to minimize its effects. In this connection, it is necessary to bear in mind that industrial processes are involved, meaning that the components and processes typically used in enterprise IT systems cannot be directly utilized.

OHB System AG has been overseeing TCP/IP migration projects for process control systems for many years and has gained extensive experience in the area of IT security for industrial processes.

In addition to providing advice on and preparing system designs, OHB System AG also supplies end-to-end system solutions for securing and monitoring wide-area networks. In doing so, we attach particular importance to ensuring simple day-to-day operations.

An IT security solution which is avoided by users because it is too complicated or too restrictive cannot hope to fulfil its purpose.

Our goal is always to achieve economically efficient implementations offering a reasonable solution in the light of the required protection.

The OHB solution encompasses industrial firewalls in connection with central systems for logging and monitoring the IT security infrastructure.

OHB’s Process Control Systems unit awarded second place in top supplier status by Deutsche Bahn in the infrastructure category

With its automation and process control systems business, the aerospace group has been a reliable partner for Deutsche Bahn for around 45 year